Perfect Strata Hazy Pale Ale -5.4%- Packed on 17/2/2022

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Perfect Strata - Hazy Pale Ale • 5.4% abv

Orange Lollies ~ Berry~ Citrus

Strata, Strata, Strata simply a hop that our brewers can not get enough of! For
Perfect Strata we wanted to introduce all y'all to the prestigious hop personally in the style of super soft, easy drinking hazy pale ale. While pouring a deep orange-gold hue, the result of both double dry-hopping and dip hopping becomes instantly apparent.

Sweet berry and candied orange aromas burst out of the glass, while more sublte notes of pine and dankness appear as the beer opens. A round, juicy mouthfeel then welcomes you with alluring flavours of bright citrus, sweet orange and ripened fruit thanks to generous whirlpool additions of the titular hop. 

Sealing the deal is a clean carbonation that yields a light, yet thick eggshell white foam.

How good are froffs?

Perfect Strata Hazy Pale Ale -5.4%- Packed on 17/2/2022